1. Grass VBQ Joint
Stone Mountain

Long before he was named Southern Living’s Chef of the Year, Chef Terry Sargent was supplying the Eastside with delicious and locally sourced vegan barbeque at Grass VBQ Joint. The plant-based barbeque spot prepares its own mock meats in-house and cold smokes them for five hours, so when you bite into Grass VBQ’s Sugar Cane Wiings, Chopped Chick’n Sandwich, or Veef Brisket, you’ll definitely taste the difference.

2. Hippie Hibachi
Underwood Hills

Prior to 2021, “vegan” and “hibachi” were probably two words that you never even put together, but thanks to Hippie Hibachi, delicious plant-based Japanese food is now available at Chattahoochee Food Works. Since opening this summer, Hippie Hibachi has been introducing Atlantans to the concept of vegan hibachi, and so far, it’s plant-based proteins (teriyaki chick’n, shr’mp, Impossible beef, tofu), hibachi-style veggies, and fried rice are winning them over.And for those who can’t imagine hibachi without a delicious side of Yum Yum Sauce, HH has you covered there too, so make sure you request some house made Vegan Yum Yum Sauce to go with your meal.

3. Gocha’s Breakfast Bar
Multiple locations

Everyone knows that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so if you’re someone who is on the plant-based tip, you deserve to have breakfast at a restaurant that will take your dietary concerns seriously. Skip that national breakfast chain down the street and hit up Gocha’s Breakfast Bar for a pescatarian and vegan-friendly brunch or breakfast. Gocha’s not only offers plant-based dishes like its Veggie Omelet, Black Bean Energy Bowl, and Impossible Skillet; it also boasts mouthwatering seafood menu options like its Fish & Jalapeño Grits, Smoked Salmon BLT, and Gulf Shrimp Skillet.

4. Mamak Vegan Kitchen

From the owners of Doraville restaurant Mamak, this vegan restaurant also serves people Malaysian street food, but vegan. For example, the Rendang, a curry typically featuring beef, is prepared with Beyond plant-based protein instead. Even carnivores swoon over the sambal okra and basil eggplant.

5. Soul Vegetarian No. 2

While it’s one of the most well-known vegetarian spots in ATL, Poncey-Highland’s Soul Veg rarely makes you wait (unless you’ve got a hankering on a Monday, when it's closed). Touting itself as one of the largest chains of vegan restaurants in the world, it has curated a 100% vegan menu of signature apps, entrees, sides, and specials, including “kalebone,” which is its exclusive super protein made in-house with wheat gluten and natural spices. Enjoy soul-food iterations like homemade cornbread, barbecue tofu, amazing vegan mac & cheese, eggless egg salad, collard greens, and a lot more.

6. Herban Fix Vegan Kitchen

Pan-Asian, plant-based fare in the heart of Atlanta... do we have your attention? That’s the name of the game at new vegan restaurant Herban Fix, which recently opened up shop at the bottom of the stylish Reynolds Condos building. While vegetarian places can often pigeonhole themselves into hippie-dippie granola territory, Herban Fix remains sleek and sultry, with a great lounge space and special events. Pop in for lunch or dinner (it’s a great pre-Fox Theatre option) and try the pan-seared scallion pancakes with curry dipping sauce, stir-fry soy chicken in citrus sauce, or the truffle wild rice topped with sautéed assorted mushrooms.

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