1. Root Down

Justin Cucci and the team behind Edible Beats sure knew how to spot a niche market and act on it, having grown its own network of particularly veggie-focused restaurants across the city since 2008 and beginning with this one right here. Formerly a gas station, the funky, vegetarian spot adjacent to the hip happenings of LoHi’s epicenter has a wide array of plant-based and vegetable-forward dishes, with the added potential to make virtually anything vegan or gluten-free. The heirloom bean salad, sweet potato gnocchi, and fried tofu “paneer” are some menu favorites to get you excited, and rest assured that the cocktail and wine lists are perfectly lengthy.

2. City, O' City
Capitol Hill

This vegetarian and plant-based institution has been serving food that impresses even those without dietary restrictions since 1998. All with allergies or special diet requirements are welcome here, with customizing dishes to your liking more than encouraged. Enjoy plates like lemon tarragon pasta, seitan wings, or the chipotle rice bowl for a serious combination of flavor and healthy eating, and don’t miss dessert, drinks and happy hour, and a special late-night menu from 9:30 - 11 pm.

3. Meta Burger

Vegan mozzarella sticks (with a side of marinara for dipping, of course) that challenge even the most devoted mozz stick fanatic. Need we say more? This spot inside Edgewater Public Market is hot, hot, hot for vegans, vegetarians, and food-lovers alike, because experience stays a number one priority for the consumer—meaning the foods you crave will taste, crunch, and slurp like you expect them to, just without any meat involved. Meta is, as you might’ve guessed, known for its delicious, meatless burgers, though ordering anything on the menu is sure to secure you as a repeat customer. Pro tip: Don’t forget the side of baked sweet potato fries.

4. The Easy Vegan
Various locations

Rolling along to your nearest farmer’s market or event is this vegan food truck consistently making waves in Denver’s food community by way of vegan comfort food that always hits. Signature fan favorites like the loaded pierogi potato and rigatoni alla vodka are knockout items that typically sell out quickly and have you questioning how vegan pasta sauce can taste that good, though the combined service experience of owners Alexi Mandolini & Taylor Herbert is surely enough reason to trust the magic. Stay up to date on the truck’s socials for scheduling and special dinner series.

5. Bang Up To The Elephant!
Capitol Hill

If you’ve heard the word about this vegan restaurant, you know it’s actually more of a tropical vacation than a simple dining experience. Still, whether you’re taking food to go or planning to hang out for the day (which is certainly encouraged), get ready to have your taste buds tantalized and your stomach soaring. Not only will you be getting your fix of plant-based, vegan goodness but also a look into the cuisine of the West Indies and all the fun its dishes contain. Examples include mofongo (fried and smashed plantains), a cassareep rice bowl, fry-bread sandwiches, and decked-out roasted butternut squash, plus a whole lot more. And if you hadn’t already guessed, expect a drink list of fruit-forward, tropical cocktails that’ll have you feeling like you’re having just another day at the beach.

6. The Madras Cafe

One of the coolest things about vegetarianism and veganism is the way it lends itself to so many cuisines; you can stick to your diet and values and enjoy food from places you ever thought you would! The same is true for the Madras Cafe, which blends South Indian fare with the vegetarian experience, resulting in flavor-packed dishes that have you forgetting meat even exists. Enjoy small standards like garlic naan and samosa alongside South Indian specialities less frequently seen here like bajji (fritters), medhu vadai (deep-fried lentil donuts), and various paneer (Indian marinated cottage cheese). Larger plates of all kinds, including various curries, fried and sautéed vegetable dishes, and a slew of other delicacies are all guaranteed to hit the spot, too.

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